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Press. Press. Pressed. It just wasn't tight enough. The corset wouldn't squeeze her anymore, but she wasn't satisfied with the constriction. Her nose twitched, top lip snarling slightly, as she wrapped those cords around her hands and pulled with all her might. The bodice itself still had more give, but it was her ribs that wouldn't allow it to go anymore. She didn't need to breathe. All she needed to do was be smaller. Tiny woman, maybe standing 4ft 7in, her form so slender that all worried for her health. She was quite satisfied with her rail thin arms, pole-like legs, and that plaster white skin. She felt a sudden discomfort as the corset finally pulled tighter, wincing sharply, though followed by a smile of triumph. She could just barely take in breath. She could feel the cracking bones beneath the boned restrictive accessory. Quickly she tied off the cords, tying the knot so tight, making sure the material wouldn't budge. A hand traced the new curve of her torso, from the small bu
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Quiet Thoughts
As I sit in quiet reflection
I look back on my life
And the certainties I had
When I was young I knew what I wanted
I knew the kind of person I wanted to marry
The kind of job I wanted to have
The future so certainly planned
Now that I sit in quiet contemplation
I think about my life
And the uncertainties I have
Now that I'm older I don't know what I want
Don't know if I want to marry
Don't know what job I want
No future planned.
While I review this quiet epiphany
I have no idea if I was better then
Or if I was never certain to begin with
Did I ever want to marry?
Did I ever know my place in this life?
And suddenly I'm scared and lost.
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Stock Option by ChainBound Stock Option :iconchainbound:ChainBound 3 3 Sebachiel by ChainBound Sebachiel :iconchainbound:ChainBound 0 2
The Great Bone Dragon
It started with a curse. He who slays this beast shall bear his curse. It was clearly written in the ancient characters. A warning that had been learned time and time again. Over the years, nothing had blurred or disturbed the sign that stood before the cave of the age old beast. A creature that had plague Japan for centuries, so it was believed. Evey hero that had come to fight if nigh returned, and those who returned had been unsuccessful. Some had returned with parts of their bodies missing. Not just torn off, but rotten and ashen. The beast had not completed his transformation, but he did grow stronger from it. Why doesn't anyone ever read the signs?
It seemed to be his destiny. An epic fight with a creature that was yet to meet defeat. Kado didn't believe the rumors that quieted the town he called home, nor did he heed the warning the mysterious sign had offered. There was no doubt in his mind that there was a way to defeat the monster. He prayed to his ancestors for guidance and
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Aerynn :iconchainbound:ChainBound 0 0
Mature content
Monster :iconchainbound:ChainBound 1 0
Halo Anyone or maybe RvB by ChainBound Halo Anyone or maybe RvB :iconchainbound:ChainBound 8 3 Pika Pikachu by ChainBound Pika Pikachu :iconchainbound:ChainBound 12 4

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Clouds 057
The quality isn't the best... It's from my phone, out of a commercial airline window. Either way, enjoy!
Cloud 056
The quality isn't the best... It's from my phone, out of a commercial airline window. Either way, enjoy!
Cloud 055
The quality isn't the best... It's from my phone, out of a commercial airline window. Either way, enjoy!
Cloud 54
The quality isn't the best... It's from my phone, out of a commercial airline window. Either way, enjoy!
Cloud 052
The quality isn't the best... It's from my phone, out of a commercial airline window. Either way, enjoy!


Hey, DeviantArt! We're looking for a coder. Currently, we do have site currency and we also have an artist, who would be willing to provide art in exchange for getting our site up and running with the some/most/all of the criteria below.  We could offer monetary compensation in the near-ish future, as we will be setting up a Kickstarter. We're using the Mysidia script. It's great for starting, but I'm a lot farther out of the loop than I first thought. I know nothing about PHP and very little about Javascript.

Things we'd like:

  •  Pets age over time. (Ex.: Egg - Day 0, Baby - Day 10, Adolescent - Day 20, Adult - Day 30, etc)
  • Random events while roaming the site. (Ex.: "You've found an egg!" or "A sack of coin was found on the ground!"
  • Splash screen upon entering the site.
  • Fishing Page - Page where random spots on an image that can be clicked to catch fish. Only those with fishing poles would be able to fish.
  • Shops - Each featuring a shopkeep. (We have shops already, but they're not what we want.)
  • Items - What pet site would be complete without items? So, we have some items on the site I've linked you to here, each with it's own purpose. Some can only be purchased, some found, and some for real money only.
  • Banking - I'd like for our members to have a bank and be able to collect interest daily. (Only through manual collection.)
  • Reputation - Each member will gain rep depending on their actions. The reputation will affect how each NPC reacts to the person.(Eventual, doesn't need to happen now, just near future.)
  • EVENTUALLY: We'd like to see a whole new site. But that is a long term goal, likely after the site starts to support itself.
  • AdminCP: - When we get the new site, we would like it to have a Admin control panel. For small things. Adding new pets, items, etc.
We do currently have a coder/designer friend helping us out (Two actually.), but someone who could put a little more focus toward it would be great. I have Skype in the event you're interested or just send an email either here or my gmail account.

Thanks for reading!

Skype: PyroKae


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